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Our Training

Marsh Services has, since being formed in 2002, provided a holistic approach to its training for all disciplines.

The directors have recognised that the requirement for Health and Safety training should not be driven simply by meeting everyday needs within the workplace, but should form a structured policy across the whole of a company’s business.

In an age when legislative claims are commonplace, Marsh Services provides a broader focus which meets the overall health and safety requirements for compliance along with the needs of both business and personnel development.
Marsh Services has developed a spectrum of training courses based on these criteria which encompass all levels of your employees from the most senior to the most junior as well as external contractors.


Marsh Services offers both accredited national standards and bespoke training packages developed through detailed discussions with clients designed to dovetail with your company / business needs. Our team of experienced development personnel with extensive industry knowledge design courses that are flexible, cost – effective and specific to your requirements.

Marsh Services is focussed on ‘ownership’ of health and safety at all levels with the aim of developing safety consciousness at all areas of your business.


In order to ensure the quality of our training, all our training instructors have wide industry based knowledge and hold professional health and safety credentials. This allows for a flexible, practical and user-friendly approach to our in-house and multi-company training courses.

It has been recognised by our clients that the wide overview of our training provision and customer base allows us to discuss and design training that satisfies your company’s KPI’s and compliance requirements.


1.a Approval Status Quality

All our training courses have built in quality criteria, both from the external requirements of the professional bodies (IOSH. SPA. NEBOSH) and from evaluation and assessment of our own training courses. These take the form of topic assessment from course participants, instructor quality assessments, course evaluation forms and customer feedback.

The company continuously evaluates the information and assessments provided from our courses to ensure that we are providing the highest standard of training.


1.b Approval Status Trainers

Our material and presentations conform to current UK legislation and industry standards and all our Trainers are members of the requisite professional bodies.


1.c Continuing Professional Development

All Trainers subscribe to continuing professional development and attend the required conferences and training presentations.

We keep in close contact with both the regional and central HSE offices and principal inspectors.


1.d Review

Course delivery is audited in-house using a variety of methods including planned and unannounced visits. An audit report is provided to the Trainer and the client.



Our course development personnel ensure that the client receives the most suitable training package and content for its needs.

2.a Presentation

Marsh Services encourages participation by all delegates whilst ensuring that any learning difficulties through language or other reasons will not prevent understanding or cause embarrassment.

On specific courses, we make use of quizzes, navigation exercises and workshops to heighten delegates’ interest and understanding

Our courses follow national standard requirements with comprehensive user-friendly handouts and manuals.


2.b Venues

The training venue needs to be conducive to learning, have adequate welfare facilities and provide a friendly ambiance.



At the culmination of the training we expect to have achieved the goal of increasing the delegates’ knowledge and understanding to the required level, be this a national standard, a best practice or a company assessment.

We would also expect to have inspired the ethos of ongoing health and safety awareness at work into each delegate.

Our aim has always been to be a leader in course design and new concepts of presentation. We are always looking to modify or change our interpretation of legislation compliance as a result of new case law.



The company and all its employees are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ personnel are fully aware of their moral, legal and financial responsibilities for health and safety. This will ensure compliance through accomplishment and ownership. This in turn provides the basis for a successful business.

Marsh Training Services is a quality-training provider for industry and as can be seen, has developed a wide portfolio of training courses to satisfy your health and safety requirements.