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Terms & Conditions


4 weeks cancellation = no charge
3 to 2 weeks cancellation = 50% of fee
Less than 14 days prior to course commencement = 100% of course fee

    • FEES: Fees are valid for 30 days from date of quotation. All fees are subject to the addition of VAT at the prevailing rate, which will be shown on the Marsh Services invoice. Invoices for training will be raised on confirmation of the services ordered. For consultancy, invoices will be raised on completion of service or completion of daily work if long term service is provided. Fees are payable within 28 days from date of invoice. Marsh Services reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue accounts at a rate of 3% over the base rate of Lloyds Bank in force at the date of invoice. Such interest shall be accrued on a daily basis.
    • Consultancy: Fees for consultancy work are quoted per day and are inclusive of reasonable expenses. Where the client requires consultancy support that incurs substantial expenses, then prior agreement will need to be confirmed in writing.
    • Training: Fees for in-house training (i.e. at the chosen venue of the Client) are quoted per course with a maximum of 12 delegates per course with the exception of courses coded PLANT TRAINING which have a maximum of 6 delegates or FORKLIFT TRAINING which have a maximum of 3 delegates. In certain circumstances, more delegates may attend the course at the discretion of Marsh Services. In this case, Marsh Services reserves the right to charge an additional fee per additional delegate. Fees for training at a Marsh Services venue are charged per delegate.
    • All fees include the cost of Marsh Services administration, documentation, use of equipment, all course notes and use of training materials. In the case of training fees at a Marsh Services venue, all fees include refreshments and lunch, but the following are excluded and are at the expense of the client.
      • Cost of transporting delegates to and from venues.
      • Cost of providing in-house facilities.

      These will be agreed in advance between Marsh Services and the Client. Fees for in-house courses outside of a 50-mile radius of Tutors/Practitioners address are subject to the addition of travel expenses for the instructor and course assessors (if appropriate) at an agreed rate per mile for each journey undertaken. In-house courses outside of a 100-mile radius of Tutors/Practitioners home address will be subject to the addition of accommodation expenses on a basis of one night accommodation per day of training. Average accommodation charges are approximately £70.00 per night. Such charges will be added to the final course quotation and agreed in advance with the Client.

  1. CANCELLATION: Marsh Services reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course/consultancy visit. If this becomes necessary, as much notice as possible will be given and the Client will be offered a choice, with due consultation of:
    1. A full refund, if the course/consultancy has not yet commenced.
    2. A proportionate refund, if the course/consultancy has been commenced and not yet completed.
    3. An alternative date to commence or complete the course/consultancy as appropriate to the circumstances.
    4. If the Client requests cancellation or postponement of any course/consultancy visit, no fees will be payable PROVIDED that not less that THIRTY days written notice is given to Marsh Services for training courses and SEVEN days for consultancy. If less than 30 days for training or 7 days for consultancy written notice is given, Marsh Services reserve the right to make an appropriate charge for administration and other expenses as follows:
      • Consultancy
      • 7 to 5 days prior to consultancy visit = 25% of fee
      • 4 to 2 days prior to consultancy visit = 50% of fee
      • 1 day prior to consultancy visit = 75% of fee
      • Less than 1 day prior to consultancy visit =100% of fee
  2. FAILURE TO ATTEND: Notwithstanding the provision of clause 2 above, if any delegate fails to attend any course or any part of any course on which a place has been reserved, fees in respect of that delegate will be payable in full. However: a) If the course on which a place has been reserved for a delegate has not yet commenced, the Client may nominate a substitute delegate for that course. b) If the course on which a place has been reserved for a delegate has commenced but for genuine reasons the delegate has not been able to complete the course, an alternative date will be offered to enable the delegate to complete the remaining part of the course (unless this is not permitted by a relevant awarding body). Genuine reasons acceptable for this purpose are illness, supported by a doctor’s report or self-certification, or compassionate grounds. c) At the discretion of the presiding instructor, if an insufficient number of delegates attend any one-day, the course or part of the course may be postponed or cancelled in accordance with clause 2 above.
  3. SUITABILITY: The Client is required to ensure as far as possible that any person nominated as a delegate is academically suitable to attend the training course and if a delegate is considered unsuitable in the opinion of the presiding instructor, with due consultation, the delegate may be asked to leave the course. In this event, Marsh Services reserves the right to retain the fee or a proportion of the fee for that delegate.
  4. PROPERTY OF MARSH SERVICES: Any equipment and training materials supplied by Marsh Services remain their property until full payment is received, apart from free issue course notes and the like, which will be clearly identified. All such material is Copyright and no copying or publishing of any part of it is permitted without the written permission of Marsh Services.
  5. INSURANCE. Marsh Services carries Professional Indemnity to a limit of £500,000. The Client is also required to carry both Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance, which includes the activities of their delegates on training courses, provided by Marsh Services, who may ask for evidence of such insurance cover.
  6. HEALTH AND SAFETY. The Client is required to ensure compliance with any Legislation, Regulation, Code of Practice or Guidance laid down by the Health and Safety Executive with regard to the suitability of premises provided for Health and Safety training. Marsh Services will request details of the course venue (e.g. training room size) before course confirmation. Where appropriate, delegates will be advised of any possible hazards which may be present during the course of training and procedures they should adopt to eliminate or minimise the risks pertaining to the hazards.
  7. DISCLAIMER. Marsh Services shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, injury or delay of any kind whatever arising out of or as a result of any training courses/consultancy work undertaken, however caused to the Client, employee of the Client or any third party, by any act, default or omission except insofar as such liability cannot be excluded by law.
  8. ALTERATION. English Law shall govern these Terms and Conditions of Trading. Any alterations, modifications or extensions affecting the above clauses shall not be valid unless agreed by Marsh Services and acknowledged in writing.